Villa Agapi Πάργα παραλίες

Beaches in Parga

The beaches of Parga are among the most beautiful of the Ionian Sea. Here you can enjoy swimming but also you can relax under the warm summer sun. If you are a man of action and adventure, you can try several water sports. The beaches you can visit are:

Parga Mprostino Kruoneri


The central beach of Parga with clear water and a beautiful view to the island of Virgin Mary. You will find it in a very short distance from the center of Parga.
Parga Piso Kruoneri


Quiet and calm picturesque beach in the town of Parga with crystal clear waters.
Parga Valtos


Beautiful picturesque beach near Parga with golden sand. It is suitable for families but also for groups of friends who want to enjoy a swim or a water sport.
Parga Lichnos


Very large organized beach, mainly for families, which is located before Parga. In the beach of Lichnos, there are facilities for water sports as well as cafes and restaurants.
Parga Ai Giannakis


Beautiful picturesque beach with crystal clear waters. You will find it only 6km away from the town of Parga and is one of the quietest beaches of the area.
Parga Sarakiniko


Calm beach which is located 12km from Parga. You can reach this beach only by boat from the pier of Parga. It has clear water and there is a part with pebbles. There are cafes and restaurants.
Parga Agios Sostis


Beautiful clean beach with clear water which is unorganized. Here you will enjoy the pure beauty of nature. It located 1km south of Sarakiniko.
Parga Spartila


Gorgeous unorganized beach with sand and pebbles. It has deep clear waters and it is located 7km from Parga to Sivota.
Parga Ammoudia


Great sandy beach with warm, shallower waters. You will find it 22km from Parga below the homonymous village. There are found also the estuaries of the famous mythological river Acheron.
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