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The region of Parga is rich in both historical sites and areas of natural beauty. You can combine your vacation with trips to nearby destinations that will teach you the history and legends of our region. Some of the most famous and interesting destinations are listed below:

Pargas castle


The Venetian castle of Parga, on the hill above the town, with a magnificent view of the city, the beach Valtos and the Ionian Sea. The need for protection against conquerors was the reason why this castle was build. Also it became an integral part of the people of Souli and citizens of Parga who fought for their freedom.
Anthousa castle


The castle of Anthousa - Agia is located between Anthousa and Agia, on a hill that dominates the whole area of Parga. It is built on a peak opposite the castle of Parga. Its is built by Ali Pasha as a base during the siege of Parga
Ecclesiastical Museum


The Ecclesiastical Museum is located in the city center. It has a rich collection of ecclesiastical heirlooms which includes two Gospels of the 17th century, some priceless pictures as well as the famous banner of Parga with obvious signs of bullets of the Turks.


Nekromanteio of the Acheron which is a built of the 5th century BC is well preserved and impressive. According to ancients at this point was the gate of Hades and also the point that someone could communicate with the underworld after an appropriate preparation.
Acheron springs


The Acheron springs is a really lovely region, internationally recognized as an area of great natural beauty. Acheron and the surrounding area is included in the European network of protected areas Natura 2000. According to mythology there were the gates of Hades.
Ancient Nikopoli


Nowadays, the archaeological area of ancient Nikopolis is the largest in size ancient city of Greece, with the Museum, the amazing mosaics of its Royal Byzantines temples, the conservatory, the house of the King, Theatre etc. The ancient Nicopolis was built by the Romans in 27 BC..
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